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    W Foundation

    Creating a better quality of life for Filipino communities

Organizational Profile

The W Group started out as a seaweed exporting business 50 years ago that led to what was now known as W Hydrocolloids. While working with seaweed farmers, the company has been giving back by teaching farmers about seaweed cultivation and drying methods. In addition, support was provided for women in the past on how to become financially independent.

To this day, the W Group strives to become one of the most relevant business groups in the Philippines by staying committed to the community and the environment. Testament to these is donations and assistance to various individuals, groups, and charities in its five decades of operations. As part of demonstrating corporate social responsibility alongside business endeavors, the W Group is taking one step further with the W Foundation. As the organization grows, the W Foundation is established as a more efficient system to consolidate corporate philanthropic efforts for greater impact. The Foundation, along with its partner business units shall present innovative solutions and opportunities for valuable stakeholders as a way of giving back to the community and society at large.


Creating a better quality of life for Filipino communities.


The W Foundation seeks to develop and implement corporate social responsibility programs of the W Group in partnership with its business units. We help the marginalized by aligning core business and development interests, especially in the areas of education, community development, and environmental protection. Our programs include educational assistance, research, disaster response, and environmental protection.

Our Programs
WEE Care for Education
WEE Care for Education:

According to Chairman Wee Lee Hiong, human capital is our biggest advantage. Recognizing that quality education is essential to empower our human capital, the W Foundation will launch projects to support access to quality education and support efforts to improve the education sector in the country.

WEE Promote Science and Technology
WEE Promote Science and Technology:

Research and development is necessary to expand scientific knowledge and discover new kinds of technologies. This program supports industry related research, development projects and technological innovation thru funding and partnerships.

WEE Respond to Disaster
WEE Respond to Disaster:

Seeks to provide immediate relief for the survivors of natural and man-made disasters. We also support community based disaster risk reduction initiatives to mitigate risks in communities.

WEE Protect the Environment
WEE Protect the Environment:

The program supports initiatives for conservation of the country’s waters and forests. This program supports everything outside research: capacity building, information campaigns, innovative projects, and strengthening efforts to protect the environment.

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