Who We Are

A Real Estate Company nourished by tradition of excellence and innovation.

W Group is the holding company of one of the leading business groups in the country’s seaweeds and carrageenan, investment, and real estate industries.

Since its entry into the Philippine property market in 2008, W Group, Inc. became a major driving force in the office property segment. Taking pride in the industry as a premier developer of boutique office buildings, W Group presents offices’ real estate solutions that successfully fuse visual appeal and maximum efficiency.

With its portfolio of world-class office developments strategically located in the ever dynamic Bonifacio Global City (BGC) — The Philippines’ fastest growing new Central Business District (CBD) — W Group is poised to provide its growing list of clients with a working environment that promotes not just work-life balance but also sparks creativity, efficiency and productivity.

W Group, Inc. does not only develop lands into houses, but homes that can last for generations.

Established by the Wee family, W Group, Inc. maintains a tradition of business excellence and good corporate governance since its management team started engaging in the seaweed and carrageenan production industry 50 years ago through the company, PCI Worldwide, Inc.

A World-class manufacturer of carrageenan, PCI Worldwide, Inc. is most known within the industry for Rico Carrageenan, a premium brand associated with constant innovation, competitively priced high-quality products, and excellent customer service. It now operates under a new name, W Hydrocolloid, Inc.

Fueled by passion for growth, the Wee family eventually diversified their portfolio of companies and are now engaged in a wide range of industries including seaweed and carrageenan, investments, and real estate.


To transform the Philippine Real Estate to be one of the best in the world


To be the preferred leasable space provider

Quality Policy

We are committed in consistently delivering excellent leasing and property management services to our clients through efficient customer services, proper maintenance, security and cleanliness of facilities, continuously improving our quality management system, and complying with requirements of all stakeholders. 

Core Values

Continual Improvement

We recognize that problems are a part of our day work, and commit to embrace and address them through continual improvement, systematic methods, and technology where it provides a superior way to do things.

Results! Today!

We commit to drive for results. We believe in quantifying our output, and establishing our worth by measuring our output. We also believe in high individual productivity and efficiency as personal standards. It is not enough that we produce results – we commit to do so promptly.

Ownership and Accountability

We commit to be personally accountable for our work and accept responsibility for its results. We expect our partners to do the same.

Practically-Best Value

We commit to always user rational methods that measure value based on need, and a studied assessment of what gives the best worth for the lowest cost. We commit to always define what is best for us, not what others think is the best.

Guiding Principles

24/7 Service

We are a 24/7 company. We commit to demonstrate this with 24/7-oriented facilities, systems, policies, and procedures that allow our tenants to operate without interruption 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Connecting the Right People

Our goal is to provide our partners the shortest route from first contact to resolution. We will ensure our tenants talk to the right people for their concerns and will enable decision-making when the connection is made. With respect to our providers, we will contact the people who make the decisions to ensure we get the right information and action promptly.

Partnership in Everything

We believe our relationships with our tenants is a partnership. As providers to our tenants, our goal is to make tenant satisfaction a key driver of our business, and we commit to ensure our policies and processed take this into account. Conversely, we recognize the role our tenants play in ensuring we are able to meet their service expectations and expect our tenants, as partners, to accord us the same commitment. We like wise acknowledge that our suppliers and service providers are our partners in business and will ensure our commitments to them are fulfilled promptly and fairly, just as we expect them to deliver their best work, price, products and/or service.

Prestigious awards and certifications, reflecting commitment to quality, sustainability, and ensuring that all assets perform at par with global standards.
Occupied by long-term, high quality local and global marquee tenants who are leaders in their various industries
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