‘’Blessings from the Ocean’s Bounty’’

The article “Blessings from the Ocean’s Bounty,” by Vina Medenilla, published in The Manila
Times on February 9, 2024, explores the remarkable journey of Lee Hiong Wee, founder and
chairman of the W Group of Companies and former Philippine ambassador to Indonesia.
It highlights his rise from poverty to success through entrepreneurship in the Philippine waters.
Wee’s narrative challenges the notion of instant success in entrepreneurship, highlighting the
significance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success. From humble beginnings,
Wee’s determination has propelled him to establish a thriving business empire, with ventures
including the W Group of Companies.
The article underscores the importance of seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles in
business, particularly in leveraging marine resources like seaweed for economic growth and
sustainability. Through Wee’s inspiring journey, readers gain valuable insights into the realities
of entrepreneurship and the potential of the Philippines’ oceanic resources.

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