Compliance and Regulatory Staff

Position Brief:

The Regulatory and Compliance Staff (RCS) is a role exclusively intended to directly process (legwork) all required regulatory permits and licenses, and other external pre-requisite documentation to legally operate the plant.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • The RCS scope shall but not be limited to the ff. LGUs/agencies such as DOLE, PEZA, LLDA, CBW, DENR, LGUs, BFP, DTI & BFAR.
  • The RCS shall process the regulatory requirement and its pre-requisites intended for the different plants of the company, specifically the PBI Plant, MRDC Plant, and Carmona Plant.
  • The role is limited to the pure processing of permits and submission of pre-requisite reports and documentation. It is not allowed to enter into any agreement with any officers of any LGUs and their offices, nor decide on any legal or procedural matters on behalf of the company.
  • Work with Plant Leads and Managers to prioritize which regulatory requirement should be prioritized.
  • Work with Finance on payment and processing fees needed one each permit or license.
  • Provide and develop a master schedule per facility of all licenses and permits, as well as all of its pre-requisites for tracking and monitoring upcoming renewals.
  • Create a master schedule of payments for the year on each plant and each function for budget purposes.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at least a graduate of any course (bachelor’s or vocational);
  • Must be computer literate;
  • Must have solid experience in processing permits and licenses with LGUs at least 2 – 3 years
  • Must have no personal record of any compliance and regulatory violation cited by any LGU or its offices.