Building Engineer

A Building Engineer administers the maintenance and repair services of the property/building facilities.


Role and Responsibilities

  1. Manage and supervise operations and maintenance of building facilities effectively and efficiently.
  2. Conduct inspection and handover before and after Fit Out Construction.
  3. Inspect buildings and structures to determine functional systems, detect malfunctions and needed repair, submit recommendations relative the above.
  4. Supervise and manage the technical personnel for all buildings, and oversee all operations and maintenance activities.
  5. Assist Building Management Office for daily Engineering concerns.
  6. Perform routine maintenance and undertake emergency repairs.
  7. Support facilities engineering and technically assist building in areas of installation, start up, repair, training and modification.
  8. Adopt and implement a detailed maintenance plan, to minimize if not eliminate all unplanned equipment outages.
  9. Conduct training for all Building Multi Skilled Personnel.
  10. Implement Energy-conservation and cost-saving measures while monitoring utilities consumption.
  11. Prepare/review plans, estimates and scope of work for various projects.
  12. Monitor all safety programs to prevent exposure and decrease liability for the property.
  13. Assist in coordinating Fire/Earthquake drill.
  14. Perform other related duties as required.


Job Qualification

  1. Preferably has a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical or equivalent)
  2. Preferably with a Professional License (Passed Board/Professional License Exam) in Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical or equivalent)
  3. At least three (3) years of working experience specialized in Engineering
  4. Experience in project estimating, planning, and supervision are highly recommended
  5. Must be highly motivated and team player
  6. Can work with minimum supervision
  7. Proficient in plan evaluation and interpretation
  8. Must be customer service oriented
  9. Must possess good leadership skills